Welcome to the home of Spanking The Cheeky Girls! My name is Dublin O'Brien and I'm the Head Girl here amonsgt all these naughty young ladies. Keeping them all in line is such a difficult and arduous task for little me... they're all SO naughty and out-of-control! I just can't handle the workload myself anymore, I can't keep up!

This is where you come in Sirs! I hope you will be keen to help me administer much needed discipline upon my charges naughty bottoms and perhaps reform them into good characters once and for all! (Though somehow I think that might be unlikely - but we'll have fun trying!) Also, I've been hearing reports that some of you are VERY naughty boys indeed... In this case, I shall require you to report to my study...IMMEDIATELY!

I hope you have fun exploring our little world and I look forward to welcoming you to the best spanking parties in London in the very near future!

Kisses and Spanks!
Dublin xxx